Company accounts and taxation A trusted contact person to support you with all your accounting and tax-related matters.

Accounting and tax solutions to optimise your results 

Accounting and account management 

How your accounts are kept and organised plays a critical role in your business. CFO Belgium is your trusted partner for handling your accounting tasks and maximising your account management.

Accounting and tax services that require access to the profession are carried out within the CFO Belgium group by professionals duly chartered in Belgium for the provision of such services.

Accounting formalities 

  • Processing periodic returns: quarterly or monthly VAT return and annual tax return
  • Preparing (or revising) and filing annual accounts and other mandatory information under the NBB format
  • Preparing financial reports

Accountancy services

  • Checking and rectifying accounting records
  • Auditing business accounts
  • Improvement strategies for accounting situation and account management
  • Preparing reports and performance scorecards
  • Writing business plans

Taxation and tax optimisation

The success of your business depends partly on rigorous management and bespoke advice on taxation. CFO Belgium is your preferred partner, giving you sound advice and concrete solutions. You can rely on the expertise of our tax specialists to permanently improve your tax situation.

Tax formalities 

  • Various taxation formalities: tax returns, withholding tax, early payments, tax statements etc.
  • VAT formalities: registration, periodic returns, customer listings, intra-Community statements, cessation of activity declarations etc.
  • Representing and defending companies’ interests in the event of a tax inspection.

Tax optimisation and tax advice

  • Tax advice throughout a company’s lifecycle: creation, merger, split, opening a subsidiary, funds transfer or transfer of operations.
  • Tax planning: deductibility, pay, taxable and non-taxable benefits.
  • Asset structuring: asset and financial strategy.

Personal, dedicated support, a single point of contact

The team at CFO Belgium manages a portfolio of clients who operate nationally and internationally. To enable us to give you bespoke advice, we have deliberately chosen a family-type structure. In other words, a structure that assures you of a single contact who understands all the ins and outs of your accounting and tax situation. A trusted contact person whose interaction with you benefits the continuity and profitability of your operations.